Advisory Services

OFCRIN 1Technology Review and Assessment

  • Fuel cell and stack technologies
  • Fuel cell system designs
  • Hydrogen generation technologies
  • Fuel processing catalysts
  • Hydrogen purification technologies
  • Oxygen enrichment technologies
  • Hydrogen storage technologies
  • Supply chain processes, components and materials (see Supply Chain below)

Business Case Analysis of Fuel Cell Systems

  • RETScreen analysis
  • Economic analysis of technologies
  • Application relevance for specific fuel cell systems to OEMs.

Other Services

  • Technology development processes advice
  • Life cycle assessment of fuel cell systems
  • Regulatory advice regarding fuel cell systems and hydrogen storage technologies
  • Seminars and technical presentations for technical and non-technical audiences

Supply Chain

If you are an automotive parts manufacturer who wants to diversify, becoming part of the supply chain for specific hydrogen and fuel cell products may be a perfect fit. Thermal management components, power controls, solenoids, switches, valves, moulded plastic parts, wiring harnesses, and more, are in many fuel cell systems manufactured today or being developed in the near future. FCIntell can help you determine the suitability of your products for the requirements of specific fuel cell applications.