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FC(in)tell-graphicWe are an unbiased hydrogen and fuel cell authority that consistently stays ahead of the curve on technologies and their emerging commercial viabilities. Working with inventors, investors, technology developers or end-users, and potential supply chain manufacturers, we inform and help achieve realistic objectives that move goals forward.

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Is this technically feasible?

Does it make a practical business case?

What other success factors need to be considered overall?

What is the ‘opportunity story’ that will garner the support we need?

In the quickly evolving world of fuel-cell related inventions and innovations, FCIntell stands apart as the advisor you can trust with these types of questions.

Learn about Dr. Brant Peppley and the wide range of Services that FCIntell offers in delivering the trusted advice that you need.

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You are facing tough questions that need objective answers

You’re on a timeline to show results

You would benefit from a global perspective

We can tailor a team with the right skills for your project

We have the same goals as you do

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